2016 Formula Kite and KiteFoil European Champioships

2016 Racing Europeans Cagliari
2016 Racing Europeans Cagliari

Registration is open now for the 2016 Formula Kite and Kite Foil European Championships.

The event will be held from 16 to 22 May 2016 in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Cagliari has already hosted the 2012 Kiteoard Race Worlds with a record entry (more than 200 riders!), and the 2014 Youth and Masters Formula Kite Worlds, and always provided excellent conditions.

Kite Foil in Cagliari Sardinia
Kite Foil in Cagliari Sardinia

For the first time, the Formula Kite European Champioships will be held on foiling kiteboards, after the change of the Formula Kite class rules.


Format of 2016 Formula Kite and Kite Foil European Championships

2016 Formula Kite and Kite Foil European Championships Format is Fleet Racing.

Equipment may comply with the old “70cm” class rules and the new “registered foils” class rules, see IKA and World Sailing Websites. All equipment races and is scored together.

Separate Rankings will be produced for Youth/Junior and Masters/Grandmasters depending on entry numbers.


2016 European Championships Open For All Equipment

The 2016 European Championships in Cagliari are open for Formula Kite equipment (including registered hydrofoils) and KiteFoil class equipment (unregistered foils, prototypes).

The event starts with registration on 16 May 2016, racing commences from 17 May to 22 May 2016.

Both classes will be run together but scored separately. There will be a European Champion in the Formula Kite class, and a European Champion in the KiteFoil class.

Due to the late publishment of the new class rules and the delay caused for registering hydrofoils for the class, this now allows ALL competitors to participate in the 2016 Kiteracing Championships.

The upcoming Formula Kite World Championship in China however will be open only for Formula Kite equipment (including registered hydrofoils).

The updated Notice of Race and registration form can be found here.

All boards will race together and class separate rankings will be calculated from the finishing positions.


Event Start Date 16. May 2016
Event End Date 22. May 2016
Max Participation Quota Unlimited
Paid Entries in progress
Registration and Early Bird Deadline 09. May 2016
Full Entry Fee 190.00 EUR
Early Bird Entry Fee 150.00 EUR
Points 100
Prizemoney 15000 EUR
Event Status confirmed
Notice of Race CLICK HERE
Event Location Poetto Beach, Cagliari, Sardinia
Event Schedule
16.05.2016 Registration 15:30-18:00 h
17.05.2016 Opening Series (Qualifiying Series)
18.05.2016 Opening Series (Qualifying Series)
19.05.2016 Spare Day (Qualifying or Final Series)
20.05.2016 Opening Series (Final Series)
21.05.2016 Opening Series (Final Series)
22.05.2016 Medal Series
22.05.2016  Prize Giving 17:00 h