Results of Europeans of 2016 Formula Kite and Kite Foil

European World Champioship 2016 Results

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In this page you can find all the results of the Formula Kite and Kite Foil European Championships


22 May 2016

Final Results


21 May 2016

Results Gold – 21 May 2016
Results Silver – 21 May 2016
Overall -21 May 2016


20 May 2016

Results Gold – 20 May 2016
Results Silver – 20 May 2016


19 May 2016

Results Gold – 19 May 2016

Results Silver – 19 May 2016

Overall after 4 Gold and Silver Races


18 May 2016

Fleet Assignments Day 2

Results Yellow Group

Rsults Blue Group

Overall Results


17 May 2016

Results Yellow Group

Rsults Blue Group

Overall Results


Pictures of the Riders

Europeans of Formula Kite and Kite Foil: Summary of 19 may 2016

Kite Europen Champioships 2016 in Cagliari Maxime Nocher
Kite Europen Champioships 2016 in Cagliari Maxime Nocher
Maxime Nocher to the Formula Kite EC 2016

Cagliari 20 May 2016 – The day of yesterday at the Formula Kite and Kite Foil Euopeans Championships 2016 was so complicated for the riders with a gusty and instable offshore wind (intensity of about 14 knots, gusting to 20). The wind conditions had a big role in the race results and overall rankings.

From yesterday, 19 May 2016, after two days of qualification races, the riders has been divided into the GOLD Fleet (with the the top 20 riders of the qualification phase) and the SILVER Fleet (with the second 20 riders of the qualification phase). Riders of the Gold fleet will fight for the top 20 positions, the riders of the Silver fleet will fight for the positions from 21 onwards.

Summary of races of May 19, 2016

Gold fleet

After the four (4) races of yesterday, the Italian-Colombian Andrea Riccardo Leccese, now in third place, was overtaken in a single day from Maxime Nocher (Monaco) and OliverBridge (UK), respectively first and second in the overall ranking. In fourth position there is always Trittel (ESP). Zakowski (POL), now in fifth position, and Gruber (GER), now in sixth position, have done a big jump in the ranking. Ozog (POL) dropped one place and is now in seventh position. In the eighth, ninth and tenth position there are respectly Geislinger (AUT), Dolenc (CRO) and Vodisek (SLO).

Positions from 11 to 20 are:

11. Marvin Baumeister-Schoenian

12. Climent Hernandez

13. Mario Calbucci

14. Doronin

15. J. Johnsen

16. Zarka

17. O. Hansen

18. Taradin

19. Glazik

20. Vannucci

Silver fleet

In the Silver Fleet, Giulio Chiti is now in first position. Andrea Beverino have now the second position, while in third and fourth position there are the Russian Elena Kalinina and Britain’s Steph Bridge (first and second in the women’s ranking). In fifth and sixth position there are Valerio Venturi and Enrico Tonon.

In seventh position of the silver fleet there is the local Sardinian Lucas Rey, Eight, Ninth and tenth position for J. O’Connor, Gina Hewson, Luca Marcis.

Position from 11 are:

11. R. Liubimtsev

12. Piras

13. Cruz

14. Ouahmid

15. Casale

16. Borghetti

17. Calbucci

18. Emile Mazeikaite

19. Rowinski

The next races and the discards

The Europeans 2016 of Formula Kite and Kite Foil at Poetto beach in Cagliari, will continue today May 20, 2016, with 3 or 4 more races for both Gold and Silver fleets.  Forecasts for today say: mistral in the morning and then, maybe, breeze.

We would like to remember that everything is still possible and that the positions can quickly change for two reasons:

  • because each race has its own history and any result is always possible;
  • because there are the discards: after completion of 5 races, the riders will be able to discard the worst result obtained in the previous races; after the completion of 10 races, riders could discard the two worst results obtained in previous races!

At the link here below you can find the overall ranking till now: Gold and Silver and the results of each race:

See you later at Poetto beach and tonight for another summay!

The Post has been written by KiteGeneration, Kite school in Cagliari, Sardinia, that has been founded with the aim to promote sea sport activities. like Kitesurf, Surf, SUP.

Main kite spot is Poetto beach, the beach of Cagliari,  that offer perfect conditions for all sea sports.

In any case, every day we choose the kite spot where to kitesurf depending on wind conditions and direction. 

In fact Sardinia is a very windy island (for more info on weather conditions in Sardinia have a look at this article) but we can’t guarantee the availability of wind always in the same kite spot. We can instead always reach a windy spot!

Depending on wind conditions, the spots where KiteGeneration teach kitesurf are:


If your coming to Sardinia and you are looking for something exciting, Learn to kitesurf with KiteGeneration!

Schedule of 16 May 2016

Formula Kite and KiteFoil European Championshipd 2016 in Cagliari Sardinia
Formula Kite and KiteFoil European Championshipd 2016 in Cagliari Sardinia
Schedule 16 May 2016

Formula Kite and KiteFoil European Championships start today 16 May 2016!

Here below the schedule of today 16 May 2016:

  • 10:30 : Press conference at the Yacht Club Cagliari (coordinates of YCC: 39.192460, 9.161163)
  • 12:00 – 15:00 : practice races
  • 15:30 – 17:30 : riders and equipment registration at the Village (coordinates of the Village: 39.207015, 9.166432)


Practice Races for today 15 May 2016

Races Practice Area

Buongiorno a tutti !

Tomorrow 16 May 2016 will start the European Championships 2016 of Formula Kite and KiteFoil. Tomorrow will be the “registration day”, races will start from Tuesday 17 May 2016.

Weather forecast for today 15 May 2016

  • Strong Mistral (North-West) and sun.

Practice races

Race Practice Course European Formula Kite and Kite Foil Championships
Practice Race Course

Tomek Niebrzydki has organize for today 15 May 2016 some Practice Races.

  • Location: see the picture below
  • Meeting point: Sixth Bus stop of Poetto Beach in front of Il Nilo Chiosco Bar.
  • Plan of practice races:
    • 12.30 first possible start (Next starts every 15min)
    • 14.30 – 16.00 pausa
    • 16.00-17.30 another session of races
  • Entry fee: 15€ per person (just boat rental costs)


Course Area Practice Races Europenans 2016 Formula Kite Kite Foil Cagliari
Practice Racing Area

In the case of incident (tangled or whatever) races will stop, rescue will be provided and then races will continue.

More info regarding the Practice Race on the Facebook Group Kiteboard Racing

Stay tuned and follow on Live the Formula Kite and KiteFoil Europens 2016 !!

Have a nice day and a good training 😉

Kiteboarding to the Olymipic Games Tokyo 2020?

Kiteboarding Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 Tokyo 2020
Kiteboarding Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 Tokyo 2020
Kiteboarding to the Olympic Games

The Formula Kite and Kite Foil Europeans 2016 (Cagliari, Sardinia, 16-22 aMay 2016) will be also the opportunity to unveil the latest news about the Kitesurfing to the Olympic Games.

In fact, at the meeting of the World Sailing held in Lausanne (Switzerland) a few days ago, it as been discussed the Kitesurfing as Olympic discipline. The news has been published by the official website of IKA, International Kiteboarding Association. The original post can be read here.

Youth Olympics Buenos Aires 2018

The equipment for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires has confirmed to be Twin Tips – basically following the TT:R class rules with some small amendmends (i.e. registered series production boards and kites to ensure that rich countries will not produce “special edition” equipment and to prevent an arms race).

The courses will be reaching and downwind courses, and at a maximum only include minimal upwinds. The courses will depend on the actual wind conditions and may include obstacles to jump in a boardercross configuration.

The qualification system has been discussed between IKA and World Sailing and we have proposed three qualifier events to bring the qualification opportunities as close as possible to the emerging and developing countries of the world. The proposal included events in three “spheres” – one being South East Asia / Oceania, the second being North and South America, and the third being Europa and Africa. It is our intent to hold the three events namely in SE Asia, Central America, and North Africa.

In total 12 boys and 12 girls will qualify for the Games – a minimum of one nation per continent, plus the 4 best nations of the world regardless of continent, plus one spot for the host nation (Argentina), plus one tri-partite place to allow a competitor from countries that would otherwise not be represented in the Games at all to participate. This place will be granted by the IOC directly.

It is important to understand that in the qualifier events, riders qualify their country and not themselve – then the country decided in national qualifier events which rider they will send to the Games.

The complete qualification system including the detailed specification of equipment (amendmends to the TT:R class rules) will be published by the IOC in June.

Kiteboarding to the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020?

The biggest surprise came in form of a move by the World Sailing Executive Committee and CEO to re-open the slate of events and equipment for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

In a taped interview with Kit McConnell, Event Director at the IOC, he outlined their ‘Vision 2020’ initiative. While not explicit it seems that the IOC want World Sailing to open up the 2020 events for review.

Previously it had been agreed that all 10 events from Rio 2016 would remain the same to provide some continuity.

As it was presented there is a strong push from the IOC to get kiteboarding in by 2020 and the challenge is to figure out how to combine that with the current 10 events.

It was understood from the discussion that the IOC wishes to see a medal for kiteboarding and not a demonstration event. If that means men, women, both, or some kind of national team competition remains to be seen.

There will be an electronic vote in the next few weeks where World Sailing Council will be asked to open up the Events, with a discussion on the new slate of events to be made in November, or until January latest.

In parallel with the opening of the slate of events request, World Sailing is requesting existing events/ Classes to consider how they might “evolve” and consider “format” as a way of differentiating the Classes and showcasing our sport in the best light.

This means, selected classes and equipment should move away from 10 times doing windward/leeward courses and consider formats like slalom, theatre style, endurance etc., if it fits the class and the equipment.

The IOC decision for 2020 will be made in June 2017 and they will either ratify the proposal made by World Sailing or make a decision of their own.

We will further report on these latest developments at the upcoming European Kiteracing Championships in Cagliari starting on the 16th of May, and enter into discussion with you riders on how to best bring our sport forward.

You can still register for the European Championships at

LIVE of the Kite Europeans 2016

Lucas Rey Kite Foil Poetto Beach Kite Cagliari Sardinia
Lucas Rey Kite Foil Poetto Beach Kite Cagliari Sardinia
Kite Foil at Poetto Beach

Follow the LIVE of the 2016 Formula Kite and Kite Foil Europeans in Cagliari! Click here!

From yesterday 11 May 2016, wind has change direction: after 5 days of Scirocco (South East, On-shore wind in Cagliari), now it is blowing wind from West. Winds from West, North and North-West are offshore winds in Cagliari. So ridersbe careful and train on the water always with somebody else!

The Village of the Europeans will open on 16th May 2016 (as stated in the Notice of Race).

Actually, spontaneous meeting point for training is at the Sixth Bus Stop of Poetto Beach, at the Chiosco Bar Il Nilo. (coordinates of Il Nilo Chiosco Bar: 39.209026, 9.168751). At Il Nilo Chiosco Bar you can have also discounts for sandwiches, meals, beers, cocktails, ice cream, etc.!

Have a good day and a good training by enjoying Cagliari and Poetto Beach!

Less Than One Week to the Formula Kite and Foil European Championships 2016 in Cagliari

Formula Kite Foil European Championships 2016 in Cagliari
Formula Kite Foil European Championships 2016 in Cagliari
Formula Kite Foil European Championships 2016 in Cagliari

Cagliari 10 May 2016 – Less than one week to the Formula Kite and Kite Foil European Championships 2016 in Cagliari, Sardinia! The Kiteboarding Sardinia event will be held in Cagliari from 16 to 22 May 2016.

Starting from yesterday 9 May 2016, several kiters are arriving in Cagliari, one of the best kite spot of Europe. Many  riders cominig from many countries in the World (i.e: people coming from Russia, Bulgaria, Croazia, Germany, Austria, UK, France), Spain, Italy) are expected to be in Cagliari for the competition .

Many champions already confirmed their participation. Between them:

  • Maxime Nocher (FRA) and Elena Kalinina (RUS), Formula Kite World Champions
  • Riccardo Leccese (ITA-COL), Olly and Steph Bridge (UK), among the best Formula Kite and Foil riders in the World.

Equipment Rules

For the first time, a Formula Kite Event will be held on foiling kiteboards, after the change of the Formula Kite class rules.

The 2016 European Championships in Cagliari are open for Formula Kite equipment (including registered hydrofoils) and KiteFoil class equipment (unregistered foils, prototypes). Notice of Race can be found here.

Both classes will be run together but scored separately. There will be a European Champion in the Formula Kite class, and a European Champion in the KiteFoil class.


Location of Formula Kite and Kite Foil Europeans

Village - Formula Kite Foil European Championships 2016 in Cagliari
Army Facility

In the meantime, work in progress at the “Stabilimento dell’Esercito Italiano” (Italian Army beach facility), the Village of the 2016 Formula Kite and Kitefoil Europeans Championships . The Village is located at the fifth bus stop of Poetto Beach, the beach of Cagliari.

Village Coordinates
  • 39.207015, 9.166432



No late fees until the 15th of May 2016 !

Register at International Kiteboarding Association