Kitesurf in the Best Kite Beaches of Sardinia: Cagliari, Punta Trettu, Villasimius

Kitesurf in the Best Kite Beaches of Sardinia: Cagliari, Punta Trettu, Villasimius
Kite Foil in Cagliari
Kite Foil in Cagliari

Kitesurfing, also called kiteboarding. or just Kitesurf or Kite. is an exciting new sport, that has became one of the the fastest growing sport in the world. Kitesurfing consists in gliding on the water surface with a board and pulled by a kite

Easy sport to learn, kitesurfing needs specific kite spot to be  practiced. Sardinia, one of the most famous island in the Mediterranean sea, is known even for its perfect kite beaches.

Kite beaches in Sardinia for kitesurfing

Kitesurfing Cagliari
Kitesurfing in Cagliari

With 2000 kilometers of coastline, Sardinia is one of the windiest regions of Europe and a true mecca for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

In the South of Sardinia, are located many among the best kitesurfing beaches of the island.

Here under you could find an overview of some of the best kite spots of Sardinia.

Kitesurfing in Cagliari and Sardinia

If you are coming to Sardinia for your next Holidays and you would like to enjoy something new and exciting, Learn to kitesurf in the best kite beaches of Sardinia. 

In Sardinia there are many Kitesurf Centers and among these we will point you to the following ones:

The Best Kite Beaches of Sardinia


Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach

Kite in CagliariPoetto Beach (Spiaggia de il Poetto) is located in between Comune di Quartu Sant Elena and Comune di Cagliari, in south Sardinia. It is the main beach of Cagliari.

Being one of the longest beach in this area with a length of 8 kilometers, Poetto Beach faces south-east, overlooking the waters of the Golfo di Quartu.

Poetto beach has a full range of facilities: you’ll find kiosks, bars with beach beds, restaurants, discos, plenty of water sports facilities, a marina, and a fair.

Poetto Beach belongs to one of the most windy spots in Sardinia and for this reason a great spot for kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing. Many kitesurfing enthusiasts consider Poetto one of the best kitesurfing beaches of Sardinia. International kitesurfing and windsurfing championships frequently take place at Poetto beach.

Kitesurfing in La Maddalena Spiaggia (Capoterra, Cagliari)

Also known as Petrol Beach, La Maddalena Spiaggia is another famous kite spot.

Located 15 kilometers from Cagliari , Petrol Beach has great winds expeciallly from April to September.

Kitesurfing in Villasimius

Villasimius is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Sardinia: its crystal waters, sandy beaches make this place a paradise.

Villasimius is also a good spot for kitesurfing, in particular during the low seasons. The main kite spots of Villasimius are Campulongu, Porto Giunco and Simius Playa. You should move from one to another kite spot depending on the wind direction.

Kitesurfing in Chia

The beach of Chia has a large wind exposure. Usually, north-east, south-west, east and south winds bring nice waves.

During the summer season (from May to August), during the hot and sunny days, a thermal wind could blow by reaching an intensity of 20 knots. In this season  due to the lack of kitesurf lanes and to the large number of bathers, for kitesurfing in Chia a boat lift service is needed.

Kitesurfing in Poerto Botte

Porto Botte is a bay which lies to the south of Sant€™Antioco island and to the north of Porto Pino beach.

Outstanding with Mistral that blows side-on with flat water, Porto Botte is suitable both beginners and expert riders.

Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu, located in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, is a fantastic kite spot: with flat-shallow water, and constant wind , Punta Trettu is a paradise for kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Sardinia

Kitesurfing Sardinia: Kite Spot of Punta Trettu

In the fantastic island of Sardinia there are many spots for kitesurfing.

Beaches for Kitesurfing Sardinia

From north to the south of Sardinia, there are several beaches for kitesurfing.

We could say the best kite spot of Sardinia depends on wind direction and on Season.

In the months of May, June, July, August and September, there are few beaches where is allowed to kitesurf starting from the beach (anyway, 200 m far from the beach is always allowed to kitesurf  in all seasons): Porto Pollo in the North, Giorgino, Petrol Beach, Porto Botte and Punta Trettu in the south of Sardinia.

Kitesurfing Sardinia, Poetto Beach in Cagliari
Kitesurfing Sardinia, Poetto Beach in Cagliari

During the low season (months of October, November, December, January, February, March and April), kitesurfing can be done in freedom everywhere, even in spots like Villasimius and Chia.

During the summer season, among the best kite spots there are the area of Cagliari (Giorgino and Petrol Beach)  and Punta Trettu (in the west coast of Sardinia).

Petrol Beach and Giorgino are famous for the thermal wind that blows from luch time to the evening if there are no other global winds.

Punta Trettu is perfect for kitesurfing with all winds blowing from west, expecially the Mistral that is blowing from North-West.

During the low season, with the winds blowing from east are very good for kitesurfing Poetto Beach, Punta Trettu, Villasimius and Chia.

Wind for kitesurfing in Sardinia

As said before, in Sardinia the wind is changing direction often and when the wind change direction, the kite spot change in order to find the wind blowing to the land and the best conditions.

The most frequent winds in Sardinia are the Mistral (North-West), Scirocco (South-East) and the thermal wind, that is a local wind blowing in the warm days and that can have different direction depending on the kite spot. During the winter season, can blow often even the Grecale (North-East).

With the wind of:

  • Scirocco, the best kite spots are Poetto beach (Cagliari), Chia and Punta Trettu;
  • Mistral, the best kite spots are Punta Trettu, Porto Botte and Porto Pollo in the North, even if the wind here is very gusty;
  • Grecale, the best kite spots are Villasimius, Costa Rey and Chia;
  • Thermal wind (this wind is usually blowing when the weather forecast say “Sun and no wind”) the best kite spots are Poetto Beach, Giorgino, Petrol beach and PuntaTrettu.


To have a full set of information regardin kitesurfing in Sardinia, you can refer to Kiteboarding Sardinia.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia
Kitesurfing in Sardinia